From Wesleyan Accent: Sanctifying Ambition

More than just building a tower, the people of Babel wanted to build a reputation for themselves. They wanted others to recognize their intelligence and skill and to admire them. They wanted to create their own identity as the premier architects and builders of the Ancient Near East. They wanted to be the first people that the organizers of a “Purpose Driven Tower Builders” conference would think of when they wanted keynote speakers. …

James Petticrew, Wesleyan Accent.

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Or try this related quote from our recently released book, Ditch the Building:

Firing yourself means you cease to have a platform. It means your life is devoted to promoting the pedestals of others. It means showing people how to follow you as you follow Christ, straight off the pages of history. To the bitter wastelands of unpopularity. This is what rogues do. This is how leaders give away their influence and empower people to disciple the world. All it takes is one step in the right direction—down.

Nick May, Ditch the Building, p. 27.

Maybe they both have something!

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