Review and Evaluation Copy Policy

Energion Publications would like to accommodate every reasonable request for review or evaluation copies. The majority of our materials are designed for use in Christian education, and thus review copies can be our best advertising.

Review Copies

We will send review copies to any legitimate reviewer. This means anyone who intends to write a review for any print magazine. We will frequently do the same thing for bloggers who would like to review a book for their blogs, but we determine this on a case by case basis. You can e-mail, or call and talk to us at (850) 968-1001525-3916. There is, of course, no obligation as to the nature of the review.

Evaluation Copies

On a case by case basis we may provide free evaluation copies to pastors, Christian education directors, small group leaders and others who evaluate books for use in Christian education. Though churches are our primary market for most of these items, we will provide the same consideration to persons involved in educational programs in any organization irrespective of faith. We try to be generous on this. Call us at (850) 968-1001525-3916, or e-mail us at We will be glad to discuss your needs and to provide you with whatever is necessary to let you adequately evaluate our products.

All of our authors are teachers and/or small group leaders themselves, and we all understand how difficult it can be to sort through advertising material. Nothing really substitutes for having the actual book in your hand.

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