Discontinuing Printing Participatory Study Series Pamphlets

Note: This applies only to the pamphlets and not to any books.

Since we first published participatory study series pamphlets we have offered source files in Word Doc (a few in Open Document Format) and in PDF along with permission to print as many as you desired. They will remain available, and we intend to develop some new ones in the near future. Over time, however, the number of people who want to order these pre-printed from us has dwindled to almost nothing. This is an expected development considering how easy it is to access printing technology.

We invite you to continue to use these pamphlets, and print copies on your own printer. If you are not able to do that, consider using a good office services shop where they should be able to print from the source files.

Along with the permission to print for yourself, you may do non-profit printing for others, provided that you only charge a reasonable fee for printing and do not alter the pamphlets, do not remove our copyright information. We make an exception regarding alteration for use of the “Provided by” block on the back which is intended for user information.

If you need to alter the format, such as for printing in a bulletin or some other context, please pubs@energion.com. Thus far we have never received a request that we found it necessary to refuse.

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