Energion has a New Social Media Voice

I welcome Janet Lister (2girlsmom on twitter) to the team at Energion Publications. She will be working from home largely managing our social media, including our twitter account and Facebook group.  She will be doing a number of other things around the web as well.  She’s my daughter as well, and I’m blessed to have a daughter who can work on this effort for me.

I am committed to social media in two ways as Energion Publications develops:

  1. It’s a means of marketing that allows users to select what they want to know.
  2. Our product is really Christian education, not merely the media on which we present it.  Over time, we plan to offer our materials in a number of new formats.  We aim for our twitter account to be educational and interesting, and not just provide information on products.

Consider following us, and learning and growing along with us.

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