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Christian Archy Released

… one day late, though it was available for order on our Energion Direct site yesterday.  Customers who order direct can expect an approximately 48 hour shipping time right now, and even though they are showing it temporarily out of stock, Amazon.com should come close to a similar shipping time, though obviously I can’t guarantee that.

There will be several online events today.  Watch the comments to this post for more information as the day progresses.  In particular, we will be posting links and/or essays from our blogging/essay contest celebrating the release of Christian Archy.  Watch for a new prize in that concert, a bonus for the essay receiving the most votes in an online poll.

In the meantime, here is the Energion Direct purchase link, along with quantity discount information:

Energion Direct
Christian Archy via EnergionDirect.com
Christian Archy

Now offering free worldwide shipping

Quantity Discounts

Quantity Price
2-5 $8.49
6-10 7.99
11-20 7.49
21-50 6.99
51+ 6.49

Take advantage of our generous quantity discounts and purchase enough for your Sunday School class, small group, or other study. Dig deeper in your understanding of your faith!

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