Forthcoming Book: Finding My Way in Christianity

February 18, 2010


Gonzalez, Florida

Energion Publications to Publish Finding My Way in Christianity By Dr. Herold Weiss

Energion Publications is pleased to announce the forthcoming book Finding My Way in Christianity: Recollections of a Journey, a story of dealing with the differences within the Christian community that is both personal and theologically reflective. With a diverse cross-cultural background, exceptional theological education, and fascinating personal experience, author Dr. Herold Weiss is uniquely qualified to write about this topic.

This notable book outlines the author’s experiences starting in Montevideo, Uruguay and moving through various educational experiences and teaching positions. It is no accident that the chapter titles reflect geographical locations, as the journey through space provides an illuminating metaphor for the faith journey that accompanies it.

Some of the folks you meet in this book will make you angry. Others will make you thankful to be a Christian. Some will evoke your sympathy even as you seek to understand why they acted as they did.

“You can read Finding My Way in Christianity either as an interesting story or as theological reflection,” said Henry Neufeld of Energion Publications. “The author’s recounting will resonate with many of us who have experienced the divisions within the Christian community and dealt with those who would silence dissent. Dr. Weiss’ story comes primarily within one denomination, but it follows outlines that will be familiar to many.”

If you find yourself on a journey of faith, you owe it to yourself to read Finding My Way in Christianity.

Advance copies will be available for reviewers about July 1, 2010 and release is schedule for September 1, 2010.

About the Author:

Dr. Herold Weiss is professor emeritus of religious studies at Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana. He is a native of Montivideo, Uruguay and received his B.A. from Southern Missionary College, his M.A. and B.D. from Andrews University, and his Ph.D from Duke University. He was also an affiliate professor of New Testament in the Hispanic program of Northern Baptist Theological Seminary for many years. Dr. Weiss is author of Paul of Tarsus: His Gospel and Life and A Day of Gladness: The Sabbath Among Jews and Christians in Antiquity, and co-author (with Cosgrove and Yeo) of Crosscultural Paul: Journeys to Others, Journeys to Ourselves. He lives in Berrien Springs, Michigan. zHe has been married to Aida since 1962. They have two grown sons and four grandchildren, ages 13 to 1. They still live in the house they built in the woods of SW Michigan in 1973, in Oronoko Township.

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