The Character of Our Discontent Publication Scheduled

February 24, 2009


Gonzalez, Florida

The Character of Our Discontent Publication Scheduled

Energion Publications is pleased to announce release plans for the book The Character of Our Discontent: Old Testament Portraits for Contemporary Times by Dr. Allan R. Bevere, a collection of sermons drawn from the stories of Old Testament characters.

This book grew out of the author’s conviction that pastors do not preach enough about the Old Testament. The result is 19 chapters, each of which represents a sermon on an Old Testament character. These sermons are lively, fast paced, and practical yet are rooted in sound scholarship and are examples of the homiletical art.

Christians who would like to learn how the Old Testament can enlighten and guide their Christian walk, and pastors who would like to learn how to preach more effectively from the Old Testament, will both find these sermons an invaluable aid.

While Dr. Bevere specializes in the New Testament and theology, he believes that pastors (and academics as well) can preach and teach effectively outside their areas of specialty. Indeed, they must, and this teaching can enrich their own learning and the fields of study into which they venture.

The Character of Our Discontent is an adventure in preaching and it invites us into the adventure of living in relationship with God, an adventure that has similar characteristics whether we are learning about God’s call to Abraham or how a call to mission in Africa came to a contemporary English teacher nearing retirement.

“I seek out manuscripts that call the church to deeper study and greater service, and especially those that tell the stories of those who have served and invite us to join them,” said Henry Neufeld of Energion Publications. “This manuscript stands out in all of those qualities.”

Advance copies will be available for reviewers about March 5, 2010 and release is schedule for April 10, 2010.

About the Author:

Allan R. Bevere is the pastor of First United Methodist Church in Cambridge, Ohio and a Professional Fellow in Theology at Ashland Theological Seminary in Ashland, Ohio. He received his Ph.D from the University of Durham, U.K. He has written two books, Sharing in the Inheritance: Identity and the Moral Life in Colossians and All Is Not As It Seems: Random Reflections on Faith, Ethics, and Politics, and is currently working on several more. He has published sermons, contributed articles to a Bible Dictionary, and most recently contributed a chapter to Jesus and Paul: Global Perspectives in Honor of James D. G. Dunn for His 70th Birthday. Bevere engages in a teaching mission in Cuba with the United Methodist Church. He is married and has four children.

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