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David Alan Black in Pensacola

I spent the day today working with Dave Black both in preparation for his seminars tomorrow and in recording some questions and answers for YouTube videos and our Energion.com podcast.

If you’re in the Pensacola area, don’t miss the two seminars tomorrow, The Myth of Adolescence at 10:00 AM, and Why Four Gospels? at 1:30 PM.  Both will be in the Wesley Abbey at Pensacola’s First United Methodist Church.  I’ll be doing some tweeting live on both my personal Twitter (@hneufeld) and on the Energion Publications Twitter account (@energion).

Whether you can make it to the seminars or not, keep your eyes open here for the videos.  Interviewing Dr. Black was extremely enjoyable.  He answers questions quickly and succinctly.  He answered several questions for me on each of his three books from Energion Publications, The Jesus Paradigm, Christian Archy, and Why Four Gospels?.  We’ll be publishing the questions on Why Four Gospels? first, leading up to it’s release on October 15.

I must confess, however, that I’m most looking forward to releasing those on The Jesus Paradigm.  They discuss the core of the gospel and of Christian discipleship in clear and forceful terms.

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