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Book Released: The Ground of God: Contemplative Prayer for the Contemporary Spirit

ennis-book-coverFirst time author, Donna Marie Ennis, brings contemplation to the forefront of an active, strong prayer life in her book, The Ground of God: Contemplative Prayer for the Contemporary Spirit. How many of us struggle to pull down the frantic pace of our lives and bend our priorities from this world under the better priorities of God? Mrs. Ennis gives us a productive cycle of read, pray and examine to bring us closer to our Savior.

The most unique feature of The Ground of God may be its appeal to the contemporary reader. While the outwardly active contemporary reader may feel disinclined to pick up and read a whole book on contemplation, mysticism and the church, this book covers the essence of all three facets of our faith life, presented in short sections easily accessed in any order. The inspired reader can flip anywhere; any page within each section stands alone with brevity and completeness of thought. When the reader can step back, it can be seen that each piece works with the next to complete the whole. The reader can begin to see more clearly the unfettered truth that is central to our existence: I am loved and called precious in God’s sight.

If you are new to contemplation, the ease and simplicity of thought gradually open one up to the experiential knowledge that living a balanced life is within reach. If, on the other hand, you have contemplative prayer experience, the ancient, stable and holy ground of contemplative prayer is known with affirming clarity, depth and simplicity in new ways. The reader can begin to wonder: the Israelites had already wandered in the desert for 40 years in search of the Promised Land. Do I need to wait so long?

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