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New Release: Grief: Coping with Holidays by Jody Neufeld

holiday-grief-book-coverEnergion Publications is excited that our own editor, Jody Neufeld, took off her day-to-day office hat and spent some time sharing her encouragement and knowledge in her new book, Grief: Coping with Holidays. As a former hospice nurse and educator, Jody brings observations and suggestions from many families as well as her own holiday experiences after losses to this user friendly 20-page book.

“Holidays are family and the traditions we keep, and when our loved ones move from the chair next to us into the memories of our hearts, it is a difficult transition. The journey can have unexpected pot holes and detours as well as lasting longer than we hoped.” says Jody.

It is our hope here at EP that this book will be a tool for outreach into your local community where there are many people struggling to get through the upcoming holiday season. Our quantity discounts along with FREE shipping in the United States, makes this a wonderful investment!

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