For World Poetry Day

Noise Flash by Lee Baker

Today (March 21) is World Poetry Day, and in commemoration, we offer a selection from the book Noise Flash by Lee Baker:

chapel by the river

laughter cornered
felonies overturned
tim’s home
and everyone is ready
hope has come
to unite us
people who
walk roads of different colours
but embrace
the night together
it’s black but not dead
gold but not royal
all are equal
everyone pays
we know you
and you know us
held my the mother
ready for the war
the coming cycles
of gray and blue
red and white
that will lead us all
to catch the vision
of one bigger than even this
they don’t know
but they will
we are here in this chapel
to worship
villains be damned
the light will shine
and they all will be found
here in this chapel
by the river

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