Christmas Greetings 2012

Here are some personal words from a few of our authors to you. We are honored to have these men and women. They are diverse and yet one in their love of God.

D Kevin Brown The Rite of Passage for Home and Church: Raising Christ-centered Young Adults

Christmas is about the Father showing His love to the world. May fathers do the same for their children.

William Powell Tuck The Journey to the Undiscovered Country , The Church Under the Cross

In this Christmas season, as we celebrate “the Word become flesh” in the birth of the Emmanuel, we are assured of God’s redeeming love and life everlasting.

Renee Crosby Soup Kitchen for the Soul

Messy Christmas to you all! Why messy and not merry? Take the pressure off from cultural traps and personal expectations of the holidays. Everything doesn’t have to be perfect, or clean, or traditional, or grand! Let all those expectations go. The events leading up to the birth of Christ were nothing but messy; a very pregnant woman had to leave home, had to travel on a donkey, there was no place to stay, and ended up birthing in an animal’s stable and put her newborn in a manger. The joy of the season isn’t in everything being perfect- it’s in the birth of our Savior. So, messy Christmas to all!

Lee Baker noise flash

I hope this poetry touches your heart. Merry Christmas!

Bob LaRochelle Crossing the Street

May Christmas be a reminder of our shared unity in JESUS! In the peace of Christ,

Bruce Epperly Healing Marks, Philippians: A Participatory Study Guide

As I hear Christmas carols and play with my grandsons, I am grateful for a Child who brings light and love to all. Let his love abound bringing healing and light to us.

Kent Ira Groff Clergy Table Talk 

Keep up the genuine “table talk.” Practice the Presence to be present to all those with whom you minister.

Chris Surber Gomorrah Was Religious Too, The Sacred Journey

At Christmas the fire of God’s unquenchable love burns like a forest fire contained in a teacup. If drank, it consumes.

Chris Bozung Uncommon Questions from an Extraordinary Savior

You will never look at the questions of Jesus the same way after you read Uncommon Questions from an Extraordinary Savior.

Bob Cornwall Faith in the Public Square, Ultimate Allegiance, Ephesians: A Participatory Study Guide

Christmas reminds us that God’s vision for the world is one of peace. May that vision inspire us.

Daniel Martin Covenant

When Jesus therefore had received the vinegar, he said, It is finished: and he bowed his head, and gave up the ghost. John 19:30 (KJV)
And it is, friends, from the Manger to the Cross, Jesus paid it all for you and me. Whatever you need, open His Presence, God’s gift to us, Jesus Christ.
Covenant is now available in ebook form on KOBO.

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