How Can I Be Sure Your Study Guide is Appropriate for My Church?

Extended version: Your doctrinal statement is very short, and leaves me with a number of questions. You say you publish materials that reflect different viewpoints. How can I be sure a study guide is suitable for use in my church?

Churches will, and surely should, have doctrinal statements that are much longer than ours. And while I would encourage you to be somewhat adventurous in your curriculum, realizing that your church members are doubtless being exposed to a broader range of opinions that are expressed in any particular church, I understand the need to check materials. This question applies particularly to the Participatory Study Series, which include guides by authors from different tradition streams within the church.

There are two very simple answers:

1) Ask. E-mail me and specify any particular doctrinal areas that concern you and I’ll respond with reference to the book in question. Normally you’re going to want to see for yourself, but asking first will save you looking through more books than necessary.

2) Request an evaluation copy. All we need is an e-mail stating the purpose for which you’re requesting the book and the approximate quantity you’ll need, and we’ll send you an evaluation copy. Don’t be afraid to request this evaluation copy for small groups. Telling us your group will need three or four study guides will not cause us to reject your request.

Henry Neufeld, Owner/Editor

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