Pray for Dave and Becky Black

Dave and Becky Black have been very open about their journey with cancer. Yesterday on his blog Dave said:

I know I’ve said this already, but we seem to have turned the corner. We’ve rounded third base and are headed home. It’s such a strange thing, knowing that this day would come but wanting so badly for life to go on normally forever. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but we do so in the full confidence that our Redeemer lives and cares for His own. I think it’s called something like “obedience” or “faith,” this acceptance of God’s plan for one’s life.

You can follow their testimony about this journey through Dave’s blog, and a number of essays that Becky has written. For this latest news, I suggest you read the entries marked Tuesday, June 18, 6:50 PM and Wednesday, June 19, 6:28 PM.

I am very grateful to them for making their journey a public testimony to God’s faithfulness even in times of great hardship. We encourage you to join us.


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