Playlist for Lent 2015 Seasons Series

Since the playlist preview isn’t showing up on the post, you can click here!

We’ve created a Playlist on YouTube for our Lent 2015 series. Each of these interviews/conversations focuses on a perspective or viewpoint on the season. The first was Lent: Season of Sorrow and the second Lent: Season of the Resurrection. The second one focused on the hope and examined two different viewpoints.

On March 17 we will have Lent: Season of Forgiveness (with authors Renee Crosby and Jody Neufeld), on March 24 Lent: Season of Testimonies (with author Doris Horton Murdoch), and on March 31 Lent: Season of Hope (for Millenials). We have two “millenial” authors, Nick May and Heath Taws. Of course, it is a season of hope for all!

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