Coming Soon! Books in Mandarin Chinese!


Energion Publications is excited and blessed to be able to now offer two of our titles in Basic Mandarin. We are grateful to the dedicated translators who have given their time to produce these translations. We hope and pray  these books will be a great blessing to those who speak and read this important language. It may surprise much of our English language audience to know that Mandarin Chinese is the most commonly spoken language in the world.

The books that we will offer initially are Seven Marks of a New Testament Church by David Alan Black, with a tentative release expected in August, 2015.  My Life Story by Becky Lynn Black we hope to release  in October, 2015.

Energion Publications currently offers two books in Spanish, Aprenda a leer el Griego del Nuevo Testamento (David Alan Black) and La Historia de Mi Vida (Becky Lynn Black) with Siete Señales de una Iglesia del Nuevo Testamento to follow soon. We continue to look for opportunities to serve the world church through materials published in various languages.

You can find full descriptions of the two new releases on their catalog pages: Seven Marks of a New Testament Church (Mandarin) and My Life Story (Mandarin). These pages will be available in Basic Mandarin soon.

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