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Consider Christianity Week Events

This week is Consider Christianity Week! Conceived by Elgin Hushbeck, apologist and author (Evidence for the Bible, Christianity and SecularismPreserving DemocracyWhat is Wrong with Social Justice?)  it is the week prior to Palm Sunday when we rejoice in who and what we are as Christians. Join us every night, March 23 – 28, @ 7 pm CDT. Bring your questions; bring your family and friends!

Monday, March 23:  Why we have confidence in Christianity – Dr Thomas Hudgins, Elgin Hushbeck & Henry Neufeld

Tuesday, March 24: Weekly Hangout – Testimonies – author Doris Horton Murdoch (Testify: By the Blood of the Lamb & the Word of our Testimony and Constructing Your Testimony) and  & Henry Neufeld

Wednesday, March 25 – Unity in our Faith – Joel Watts (author, From Fear to Faith), Elgin Hushbeck & Henry Neufeld

Thursday, March 26:  Weekly Bible study on John’s Gospel, “On the Third Day” with Henry Neufeld

Friday, March 27:  Reaching out in our faith – Rev Shauna Hyde (Fifty Shades of GraceVictim No More! and Vicar of Tent Town) and Chris & Janet Lister, leaders from Antioch Church, Charlotte, NC.

Saturday, March 28: Missions & Faith – Dr Chris Surber (Live from Haiti!) (Gomorrah was Religious TooThe Sacred JourneyRendering Unto Caesar)

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