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Growth and Changes to our Blog

Since we first created this blog to support Energion Publications in August, 2006, many things have changed.  In 2006 this business was part time for one person, with a few tasks contracted out to others.  At that point we had less than 10 books in our catalog.  We now have 26 and counting.  It is also now proper, when speaking for the company, to use the word “we!”

This year we plan substantial changes in blog content.  Up to now we have posted announcements of new Energion products and related news, along with links to reviews and on rare occasions links to news from the publishing world.  This year we’re going to change all of that.

Yes, we’ll be continuing to keep you up to date with company news, but we’ll be adding additional information.  We’re planning to release more books this year than in any previous year, and we already have several new authors signed with their books in production.  We will announce several of these this week.

In addition, we’re going to change the focus of our marketing efforts.  Each of our authors received a document detailing our marketing plans for 2010.  One key section read:

We’re going to change our focus from just selling your book or books that we publish to selling you. That will include trying to find opportunities for you to speak and teach, connecting you to those who use your book(s), and building more community amongst our authors.

We have a variety of authors, but I am confident that all of our authors want to build the kingdom of God. I believe that we can aid one another in that task.

In discussing how we will implement that goal we included this bullet point:

Making our company blog (http://blog.energionpubs.com) a central hub of information and not just a company announcement center. This is not intended to replace individual blogs or web sites, but rather to provide a single place where people can go and expect to get all current news about our books and authors as well as good information about writing and publishing.

So how are we going to do that?

You can begin to expect new content on this blog, largely related to our authors.  These items will include:

  1. Announcements related to our authors even when those events are not directly related to the books we publish.
  2. Information about other books by our authors.
  3. Events in our authors’ faith communities.  We’d like you to see what these folks are doing.
  4. Links to interesting web content, whether on blogs or other sites, related to topics of our various books.

Blog entries may be written by a variety of people, and many will carry the byline “Energion Publications Staff.”

We hope you enjoy the new blog content and find it useful.  Contact information for Energion Publications can be found here.  If you would like to get in touch with one of our authors, use this contact form.

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