Are you ready for your Fall Bible study? Are you looking for something to spark interest?

There is no shortcut to Bible study but it does not have to be boring or repetitive. We believe we have some study curriculum that is interesting, relevant, and will put some anticipation and expectation in your classroom!

Week 1: In the first week’s giveaway we have a great mix of subjects.

UA Soup Kitchen Philippians

Ultimate Allegiance: The Subversive Nature of the Lord’s Prayer by Robert D. Cornwall This is the second volume in the Areopagus series. Dr. Bob Cornwall takes us to the Lord’s Prayer, a short and simple prayer that is well-known and often recited. What if prayer is much more that we imagine? What if it is also the means of correcting our relationship to the Creator and at the same time of changing our relationships with one another? Perhaps prayer can ultimately help transform our theology, what we believe about God, into character and action.

Soup Kitchen for the Soul by Renee Crosby Mrs. Crosby combines testimony with a challenging scriptural foundation and follows it with specific guidance on how you can get out of your church and make a difference in your community. Each chapter builds on a Bible story and the author’s personal experience, and ends with thought questions, and then action questions. References include specific ways in which you can take action on what you have been studying in the book.

Philippians: A Participatory Study Guide by Bruce G. Epperly This is the sixth study guide that was written following The Participatory Study method. Dr. Epperly brings his own unique insight into each lesson which includes prayers, spiritual exercises, thought questions, and theological reflection. These are designed to help students learn to see the text in a new way and to realize their full potential through the power of the Holy Spirit. This book will not only impact your knowledge of scripture; it will change the way you pray, live, witness, and relate to your community of faith and the world.

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