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Chris Surber, Author, Pastor & Missionary to Haiti

Most of us have read stories of how God places a call into someone’s heart and their life is forever changed. Did you applaud their answer to God’s call and maybe even gave a hardy “Amen!”? It is time to give a hand of applause and support to Energion author, Chris Surber and his family, as they prepare themselves to answer God’s voice which is calling them to Haiti in 2015! Here is a part of his story that began on a short term mission trip in Haiti. From the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference website, The Foresee:

SurberFamilyinHaitiHearts in Haiti

My spirit was still reeling from seeing people living amidst garbage in a tent city as I rode on the back of a truck through Port-Au-Prince. My heart was still trying to adjust. I had to find the shut-off valve for my tears. My feet still wanted to run back to the airport, fly straight back to the comforts of Virginia and pretend I had never seen poverty of a scope that I couldn’t fully fathom.

But I couldn’t run. What I could do was to give this little girl some water. So I did. I pulled her to the side, away from the other children. I broke open my Camelback water pack and poured ice-cold, clean water into a large cup for her. She drank every drop. I hugged her and sent her back to the Bible class my wife was teaching for a ministry there called Empowering Haitian Moms. I hid my tears and sensed the presence of God in a way I had not known before.

Pastor Surber and his wife and four children are taking this time to gather partners in their ministry, Supply and Multiply. They will serve, encourage and shepherd the missionaries who are in Haiti pouring their lives out in Jesus’ name. The church is Montrouis International Fellowship. Their needs include:

  • prayer partners
  • financial support
  • pastors and church leaders to do pastoral and leadership seminars for Haitian pastors
  • short-term missionary teams to participate in various kinds of missionary work

Please give this prayerful consideration.

In addition to his pastoral work in Suffolk this year and preparation for Haiti, Chris is also writing another book for Energion’s Topical Line Drives series entitiled, Render to Caesar. Look for it this summer!

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