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Reimagine Century, FL Saturday September 13

Energion Publications is honored to be a part of the Reimagine Worldwide ministry, which brings food, clothing, health screening, prayer and job opportunities to various communities in the Florida Panhandle and in Lima, Peru. Tomorrow, publisher Henry Neufeld, will again bring donated books to feed God’s children with His Word.

Besides free New Testaments (NLT translation), Henry will give away:

Luke study guides16 copies of The Gospel of Saint Luke: A Participatory Study Guide. A large church ordered this guide for their study and returned those they did not need. We thought it would be a great idea to sow them into another fellowship, whose members may not be able to buy new books.


Unbroken Road30 copies of The Unbroken Road. We received a shipment of Katie Isaacs’ new book which had been improperly trimmed. This 6”x 9” book came to us at 5 7/8” x 8 7/8”! The inside text is intact but the cover writing is a bit – trimmed and not suitable for retail selling! It was a disguised blessing that Katy & Energion thought to pass this on to the many young people we will see on Saturday. By the way, The Unbroken Road happens to also be on sale at EnergionDirect.com for only $9.00 during our Testimony Sale – and properly trimmed!

Reimagine pkg 09.14In the past, we have given a Bible away at the Reimagine event. This time we are giving a “Time With the LORD” four book package worth $65 retail! It will truly be a gift that will keep on giving!

Watch for Facebook and Twitter notes on Henry’s day at Reimagine Century, FL this Saturday!

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