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More Preserving Democracy Reviews

Pastor Chris Clark has now reviewed Preserving Democracy.  His conclusion:

I like what Hushbeck has written. He has done his homework. He has worked systematically and arrived at solid conclusions. He “gets it.” Anyone reading Preserving Democracy will learn something new, and pick up a little inspiration in the process.

Go read the whole review.

In addition, Joel L. Watts has completed his extended review and response to the book.  Here are some links:

Thinking through Preserving Democracy, chapters 6-10

Thinking Through Preserving Democracy, Law and Justice

Thinking through Preserving Democracy: Rule of Law

Thinking through Preserving Democracy: Taxes and the Welfare State, Planning vs Competition

Republic verses Democracy – What do we have?

Joel’s comments should provoke discussion.  We encourage you to go there, read, comment, discuss, and increase your political IQ!

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