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Grief During the Holidays

SSS CoverComing to the next Google+ Hangout: Tuesday, November 4, @ 7 p.m. CDT, authors Ron Higdon and Jody Neufeld will discuss some practical ways to move with grief during the holidays. 

Ron Higdon, pastor for over 50 years, is the author of Surviving A Son’s Suicide. Dr Higdon’s workshops encourage practical, honest ways of taking steps through each person’s journey of grief. He speaks openly about his own experience with the death of his son by suicide.

1893729508Jody Neufeld, a retired RN with experience in critical care and hospice, is the author of Grief: Finding the Candle of Light. Jody speaks from her experience with hundreds of patients and families, her own losses through divorce, the death of her parents, and her son. 

Our moderator will be Dr Robert LaRochelle who is currently the pastor at the Second Congregational Church in Manchester, CT and author of Crossing the Street and two Topical Line Drives books. 

Set your reminder note and join us at Energion Publications’ Google+ Hangout! 

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