Merry Christmas

After catching a sample of Christmas posts from our authors, I decided to do a roundup of author posts.

Bruce Epperly: A Christmas Meditation: It’s All About a Baby.

Elgin Hushbeck, Jr.: The Ultimate Environmentalists (regarding the historical Jesus)

C. Drew Smith: Believing in God: An Advent Reflection

Lee Harmon: Luke 2: 14 Angels We Have Heard On High 

Bob Cornwall: Responding Christ’s Glory — A Sermon for Christmas Eve 2014

 Allan R. Bevere: It Is Either All Falsehood Or It Is the Truest Thing in the World

Bob MacDonald: Christmas 2014

Thomas Hudgins: A Christmas Coup at Washington College

Tony Mitchell: Christmas Eve, 1968

Katy Isaacs: A Child is Born

Jody Neufeld: Best Christmas Gift

D. Kevin Brown: Beyond Measure

 And my own contribution: God Does Things Backwards

 Merry Christmas!

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