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Vicar of Tent Town and In Changing Times Debut!

Vicar of Tent Town and In Changing Times made their debut last week at the 2015 Academy of Parish Clergy Conference in Maryland.

In Changing Times CoverIn Changing Times: A Guide for Reflection and Conversation’s author Ronald Higdon was in attendance at the APC conference and shared with the leadership in attendance in many one on one conversations his insight on dealing with change and its many problems in the congregational setting. With over 50 years of experience, Ron brings practical ways to increase communication between opposing opinions and how to bring groups together into a positive, edifying leadership team.

Upon hearing him preach regularly, a seminary professor of theology commented that Ron Higdon could take a complicated theological concept and put it in a sentence that could be easily digested. In this writing Ron brings this gift to the table set with transition times in the life of congregations. He is clear, to the point, biblically sound and realistic. He prepares the menu from the perspective of vast ministry background and what he has experienced as best for a congregation seeking health and wholeness for its divinely-given journey.     — Bob Ivan Johnson, Ph.D, Interim ministry specialist and church consultant

Vicar of Tent Town coverAuthor of the Vicar of Tent Town,  Shauna Hyde reveals in her book poignant stories of her journey in ministering to the homeless and disenfranchised people in her community.  Whether it is an unexpected blessing of a congregant who shares an idea and  inspires others to join or the challenge of navigating through the bureaucracy in order to set up an “free refrigerator” on church property, Shauna shares the stories with honesty  and hope and even a few photographs!

Moving, inspiring, and challenging! The stories and deep reflection contained in this book reveal the call and heart of a pastor. The interweaving of personal story and biblical reflection masterfully reveal a passionate challenge to discover and engage God’s children who live at the physical and spiritual edges of our communities in every town, city, and in every place. The writer shares a journey of being convicted, taking risks, and discovering the gift of relationships that challenge the reader to begin an individual journey “to step outside their own lives and truly become a part of the life of another.” This book is an invitation to sit, eat, and listen; and to choose love and relationship with others over avoidance and judgment. This book calls us to open our eyes, hearts, minds, and spirits to experience something beyond ourselves; and summons us to actions which reveal that “Christ’s hands are amongst the living.”               — Sandra L. Steiner Ball, Resident Bishop, West Virginia Conference, The United Methodist Church

Take time today to give these books a look and take advantage of the free shipping in the United States for any purchase over $10 and a quantity discount which begins with the purchase of only two copies!

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