New Book for Distribution: PERFECTLY SQUARE by Dr Dolly Berthelot

Square Cover High ResEnergion Publications is excited and honored to distribute What Became of a World That Was PERFECTLY SQUARE: A Fantasy Fable for All Ages. Dr. Dolly Haik-Adams Berthelot’s acclaimed book on diversity and unity shows a uniform universe of “perfect squares” wittily disrupted by various geometric shape characters that cleverly reflect human issues. The fun 60-page read is meant to be savored again and again. It offers a fascinating and excellent tool to identify, explore, and use human differences as a positive aid to enhance relationships—in work places, schools, religious or other organizations, or simply among family and friends. PERFECTLY SQUARE is also a popular little gift for adults and older children.

Dolly in blackDr. Berthelot is a veteran human communication specialist and writer. She earned her M.S. and Ed.D. from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Her studies combined communication (writing, journalism, interpersonal communication, human relations, social and humanistic psychology, group dynamics) with curriculum and instruction (adult learning, creative programs and instructional design). Dr. Dolly has taught 7th through 12th grades, university and graduate levels. She was a member of the esteemed Loyola University Communication faculty teaching magazine and newspaper courses. The communication consultant has designed and presented dynamic original seminars and creative training programs that win accolades from Fortune 500 and smaller businesses and various organizations, including national and international association audiences. Subjects include conflict management, unity in diversity, team building, community deepening, and more. She has published magazine and journal articles internationally, edited an award-winning daily newspaper, and written and edited several books. Her recent focus is memoir, life story, personal history writing, editing, and coaching, for individuals as well as for organizations. You can read more about her on the websites mineyourmemories1.com and drdollyb.com.

PERFECTLY SQUARE is only $8.99 at EnergionDirect.com.

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