Excellent Article on Getting Published

I suspect many readers come to this blog to find out how to get published. I’ve written a few notes on this myself. Through Energion author David Alan Black, I found an article in The Chronicle of Higher Education, “Things You Should Know Before Publishing a Book.”

While Energion is not an academic press, and certainly not a university press, this article is very helpful, and the suggestions apply to getting published with us as well.

One of the commenters to this article suggests that self-publishing is taking over from traditional publishing. To a certain extent that’s true, and that trend will continue. You can handle your own book, and with various services available, you can publish it, but there is a great deal more that a publisher does for the book beyond simply investing his money in the process rather than yours.

I do suggest paying close attention to the quote: ‘You can probably make more money having a first-class yard sale’. There are many ways I could make more money than by owning and operating a publishing company, and unless you find that exceptional book that breaks out of the pack, you could probably make more money doing something other than writing.

I publish because there are things I believe I can do to build God’s kingdom in that way. Make sure you’re realistic about all the work you’re putting into writing, and that your efforts are appropriate to your goals.

Henry Neufeld

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