Capitalism and Christianity

A man making a confession to the cross, shot under dawn sky
A man making a confession to the cross, shot under dawn sky

If you’re tired of shallow coverage of news topics, and would like to dig in a bit deeper, I want to call your attention to a discussion on our Energion Discussion Network this week and to one of our newer projects, Global Christian Perspectives.

Global Christian Perspectives is co-hosted by Chris Eyre, one of our associate editors, and Elgin Hushbeck, Jr., a long-time Energion author. They live in different parts of the world and take very different perspectives on many issues. They discuss these on the show between themselves and with guests. Many of these guests are Energion authors.

This week, Chris and Elgin have each written an essay in answer to the question “Does Capitalism Best Express Christian Values?” Elgin says Yes, and Chris says No. They’ll continue their discussion on Global Christian Perspectives this Friday at 4 pm.

You can get involved in several ways;

  • Post about this on your blog or other social media platform. Feel free to link to your material via a comment. (Note that we police comments carefully, and will weed out spam. Link to relevant material only!)
  • Make comments directly on the Energion Discussion Network.
  • Watch Global Christian Perspectives and use the Q&A App (it’s a Google Hangout on Air) to ask questions or make comments.
  • Comment on the video or via social media.

But above all, research the subject and refine what you believe and the way you express it!

Henry Neufeld, Energion Owner.

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