Hangout Tonight – Salvation: Who and How?

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Following up on discussions on our Energion Discussion Network we will be discussing a number of issues and terms relating to salvation in Christian theology: universalism, pluralism, inclusivism, exclusivism, and others. Is your salvation related to your knowledge? Can those in other faiths be saved through their faith? Do you have to know you are saved?

The hangout on air starts at 7:00 pm central time tonight, January 26, 2016.

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For the first half hour, Henry Neufeld will host Dr. Bruce Epperly, author of a number of books including Galatians: A Participatory Study Guide and Philippians: A Participatory Study Guide, and many other books and Dr. Allan Bevere, author of The Politics of Witness and the forthcoming Colossians: A Participatory Study Guide, and other books.

In the second half hour, Dr. Bruce Epperly will discuss his new book Ruth and Esther: Women of Agency and Adventure. This is one you might want to consider for a church study group. If you are considering using it as a text, e-mail to request a free evaluation copy.

Join us for what promises to be an exciting discussion! If you want to be prepared for the discussion, read Can the great religions be a vehicle of salvation for their followers? No by Dr. H. Van Dyke Parunak and Can the great religions be a vehicle of salvation for their followers? Yes by Dr. Herold Weiss.

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