Hangout on Air: Pentecost and Your Ministry

pentecost_hangoutTomorrow night we’re going to have an exciting hangout on air for Pentecost Sunday, titled Pentecost and Your Ministry. Two pastors, both also authors and scholars, who have written on the subject will be my guests, Dr. Bruce Epperly and Dr. Bob Cornwall. They both have written very relevant books on the topic. Bruce Epperly looks at the book on Acts in Transforming Acts: Acts of the Apostles as a 21st Century Gospel, while Bob Cornwall looks at spiritual gifts, but in the context of a broader doctrine of the Holy Spirit in Unfettered Spirit: Spiritual Gifts for the New Great Awakening.

Be sure to join me tomorrow night, May 19, 2015 at 7:00 pm central time for this exciting discussion. The Q&A App will be active, so you can ask questions of the speakers. You can get more information here, or view using the embedded YouTube viewer below.

Henry Neufeld, Energion Owner/Editor

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