Energion Discussion this Week

We’re focusing on discussion this year, and there are lots of opportunities for you to get involved each week.

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Energion Discussion Network

Since Saturday and Sunday are our slow days on the discussion network, let me start with those posts: Negative Experiences Can Produce Positive Results (Iris Subel Davis) and Jesus Offers Freedom from a Regrettable Past (Harvey Brown, Jr.). If you haven’t read these yet and commented on them, please do!

This week we’re looking forward to posts by Bruce Epperly on welcoming immigrants (today’s post), the dangers of religious illiteracy by Bob LaRochelle, Mark’s enigmatic ending by Drew Smith, the hill where the mob tried to throw Jesus off by Doris Murdoch, how religious language sounds to postmodern ears by Kent Ira Groff, and some good news from Chicken Little by Heath Taws. Don’t miss any of them! Go to the Energion Discussion Network and subscribe (top right).

Hangouts on Air

Tuesday Night Hangout – Henry Neufeld interviews Chris Freet on outreach for your church during Lent & Easter.

Henry Neufeld’s Thursday Night Study – Currently we’re working through Daniel as part of a series on Eschatology. Watch for an interview with Herold Weiss, author of the forthcoming book Meditations on the Letters of Paul, regarding Paul’s eschatology–coming soon!

Global Christian Perspectives – hosted by Chris Eyre and Elgin Hushbeck, Jr. with the topics taken from the week’s news worldwide.

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