Avoid Buying Direct from Us

OK, why would a business owner tell you not to buy directly from his company?  That sounds pretty weird.  Is there something wrong?

Well, no, there isn’t anything wrong with the company, though there is something wrong with buying directly, for most people.

If you are an individual, buying just a few books, then it is very likely that your best option is to buy from a retailer.  We provide some links to help you find retailers on each product page.  Retailers discount, and our long term business plan calls for strong support of our dealers.  Right now we’re very small, but we’re not going to stay that way, and when we become larger, we don’t want our dealers thinking they will be undercut by the company web site.

Dealers who are buying just a single book or very few books will also do better to order from Ingram’s, or their specifically Christian distributor, Spring Arbor.

So why have the option to buy direct at all?  Who should use the “add to cart” buttons?

I’m glad you asked!

Book stores that want to order at least $100 worth of books (wholesale pricing), churches that are ordering in quantity, and some individuals ordering in quantity may find the best combination of price and service by ordering directly.  First, we offer free shipping on orders over $100.  This applies to any organization, dealer, church, or individual.  Second, we offer substantial quantity discounts.  Third, we offer an additional 5% discount to non-profit organizations.

Dealers should consider our 55% discount for ordering directly.  If you have to pay for shipping, this could still prove more expensive than ordering from the distributor, but if you plan on ordering at least $100 worth of books, shipping will be free.

Enjoy shopping our site, and follow the links we provide to find the best retail prices on the web, or check your local bookstore.  I must tell you that the odds are not that good that you’ll find our materials on the shelf at a local bookstore.  We hope to improve them over time.  But your local bookstore should be able to special order your book for you.

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