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Understanding the Gifts Series

I wrote and publish two books on spiritual gifts, Identifying Your Gifts and Service, and Identifying Your Gifts and Service: Small Group Edition. Occasionally people wonder just how to use these two books. What is each one for.

Briefly, Identifying Your Gifts and Service is a workbook designed to be used in conjunction with a class that would be taught by a qualified teacher. It combines handouts, illustrations, a survey, and notes pages that students can use during lectures and discussions. It does not contain extended discussion of the concepts–that is what the instructor is for.

Identifying Your Gifts and Service: Small Group Edition is designed for small groups who will normally have a facilitator, but not an instructor as such. In addition to workbook material, this book includes full chapters on each major topic related to the book.

I explain these in the following audio and video. The video is below the fold so you can avoid the initial load if you prefer the audio file.

Or to listen in your own player: Using Identifying Your Gifts

Or listen with a player of your choice (video link, WMV format):

Using Identifying Your Gifts Video

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