Free Advance and Review Copies

Some questions have come up recently about our policy of providing free advance and/or review copies to various reviewers, including bloggers.

Our policy is very simple. If you are a reviewer for any publication, a blogger, or have a twitter account and will make the commitment to use that medium to discuss the book, you are eligible to receive advance copies of any book. In many cases, you are also eligible to receive a free review copy of a book that is already in print.

Simply send an e-mail to pubs@energion.com, and provide us with

  • Information on where you publish (web site, blog address, Twitter id, etc.)
  • Your snail-mail address so we can send you the book
  • Your commitment to review and/or discuss the book as appropriate to your particular medium.

Requests for advance copies are accepted as they arrive. If you receive an e-mail saying that you are on the list, then you’re on the list. There is no selection process. If the budget is exceeded (this rarely happens), then we’ll do our best, but we may have to tell you we ran out.

We will not drop a blogger from the list in favor of someone in the traditional media–or vice versa. We don’t put you on a list ranked by importance. You will not be bumped by someone with a higher Technorati authority. Everyone has an equal chance at access.

For review copies of books already in print we may be more selective based on the number of review copies that are demanded. In general this means we are looking for an active blog or a very active twitter account.

As a rule, we provide a link from this blog back to any review or any online discussion we know about. If you have commented on an Energion Publications book, and you do not find a link to your discussion here, please leave a comment providing the link, and we’ll take care of it.

Currently, we are coming up on May 13, which is when we expect to start sending out advance copies of Dr. David Alan Black’s new book The Jesus Paradigm. Please e-mail us with your address, your blog URL, and your commitment to review the book, and we’ll add you to the list.

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