Looking Ahead at EDN Posts—A True Potpourri of Insights

Monday picOn Sunday, Harvey Brown started our week off with a sometimes hilarious but certainly pointed observation of how we get in our own way, our best efforts notwithstanding. Downplaying his own personal wisdom, he nevertheless offers biblical wisdom to us.

If we know anything about the Book of Esther, it’s how God’s providence works. Monday finds Bruce Epperly noting that what God did with Esther, God would do with us. It’s all about being aware of the choices presented to us and moving ahead with God.

Tuesday Elgin Hushbeck looks at the ethics of the minimum wage proposals. It you haven’t thought that everything is a theological subject, check this out.

Wednesday, Bill Tuck has us examining our culpability in maintaining prejudice—prejudices of all kinds. Can we be honest with ourselves? If not, we’ll find we’re more the problem than the solution.

Thursday, David Moffett-Moore reminds us of the power of the Sermon on the Mount to change lives, and lists several prominent persons for which this is true. He suggests that our lives should be organized around the principles of the Sermon. How we doin’?

Friday, Chris Surber challenges us to “walk the walk”—specifically to walk in the compassionate footsteps of Jesus. Don’t worry, callouses will form in time.

We finish the week this Saturday with Iris Davis and her thoughts on Outreach. Following on the heels of Chris’s reminder that Christianity is about doing, well, now we have no excuse just to root others on. We need to get into the game.

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