New Release! House Calls With Jesus: Stories of Redemptive Love

from Jody Neufeld, editor

In my prevBook Cover Frontious life, I was an RN for over 35 years. Twelve of those years I spent working for a hospice. Not only was it rewarding in ways too numerous to account here but it was life-changing. I’ve now read and edited a book that has captured some of what my own patients and families taught me.

House Calls with Jesus: Stories of Redemptive Love by Jude Lee was read by one reviewer in one sitting, with tears streaming out of his eyes. Another reviewer felt Dr. Lee had led us, the reader, into a “sacred space.” And yet another said the doctor “shares what it’s like to sit in silence, with compassion, and patience listening to the sounds of life so rarely captured in spirit not word.”

Dr. Lee wrote under a pseudonym in order to protect her families’ anonymity but also to allow us a clear look into their lives and maybe gain insight into our own.

So pour yourself a nice hot cup, or cold, icy glass of something good and sit down to read something really good.

Retail price: $12.99 but take advantage of the current Pre-Order Sale of only $9.09 through Saturday, July 9, 2016.

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