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TWO New Books to the Printer Today!

Did you hear that? It is the sound of our door here at Energion Publications closing as two new books leave for the printer today! Both books were written by seasoned EP authors.

9781631991035Nancy Petrey has had an exciting last seven days as today’s book, Why Christians Should Care About their Jewish Roots, is her second to leave for the printer! This book is Volume 17 in our very popular Line Drives Series. Jesus was Jewish. Most of the Bible was written by Jews and in Hebrew. Most of the early Christian leaders were Jews. However, many modern Christians have forgotten about their Jewish roots. Nancy has a passion both for the Jewish people and for calling Christians to understand their Jewish roots. In the pages of this short book, you’ll get a taste of the way in which Christian history and belief has Jewish roots. You’ll be blessed if you learn to recognize those roots. And when you order your copy of this book ($4.99), add a copy of Habitation of Honey ($9.99), Nancy’s book which was released just last week, and enjoy the beautiful poetry and songs based on the love of Yeshua and the love for Yeshua.

9781631991455Poetic Life Experiences is author, Tabitha Edwards-Walton‘s second book of poetry and brings her uncanny passion and ability to tap into the hearts of her reader through many of life’s experiences: marriage, divorce and other facets of relationships, war, school days, friendships, even death. Whether it is the struggles of a single mom or of a parent caring for a challenged child, Tabitha leaves no emotional stone unturned in order to see the truth of what is there and leave the reader with a seed of encouragement or hope. Still on Pre-Order Sale ($6.99) until May 30, 2015. [First book: Poetic Diversities, $9.99]

Take a few minutes and open the treasures in these books. You will be glad you did!


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