Yes, We Still Offer Blogger Review Copies

Blogger review copies are free books that you get in exchange for providing an honest review. There are only two requirements: 1) You do review the book and 2) You include a note that you received a free copy from us. You can request a copy by e-mailing pubs@energion.com. Please include a link to your blog.

Here are some titles we have right now:

What’s God Really Like? (S. J. Hill)

The Space Between (Matt Braddock)

Which Voice Will You Follow? (Bill Tuck)

Why Doesn’t God Do Something? (Ron Higdon)

Tending the Tree of Life (Richard Voelz)

Letting My Light Shine (Nancy Petrey)

We have copies of all of these titles on hand, along with others, and welcome requests for review copies.

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