Changes at Energion Publications

As we grow here at Energion, we have to learn. It’s hard to believe that this August we’ll have been in business for 14 years. We’ve gone from a business that was run more as an occasional hobby to one that demands more time than Jody and I have.

So we’re streamlining things a bit …

Energion Discussion Network

EDN provided some nice discussion, but it was never productive enough to justify the time various people put into, including Steve Kindle, Jody Neufeld, and the many authors who wrote for it. We will leave the site available for archival purposes, but we won’t be publishing new material there.

Instead, we’re focusing even more intensely on social media. If you’re an author, make sure we know where your blog is and what your social media accounts are. If you publish something especially interesting, send us an e-mail to make sure we notice. If you don’t have a blog and want one remember that besides the many free options available elsewhere, we offer a free WordPress blog to any of our authors on our server. We are also planning to reboot and intensify our video efforts.

This change will also work well with the next change, so read on!

Energion Direct

Energion Direct is changing drastically. All your old links will work, but we are transitioning our store to the aer.io platform. Besides finding links to it on Energion Direct, you can find it on the hneufeld.com site. (More on Energion.com / hneufeld.com below). This frees us up from handling shipping on the vast majority of small orders while still allowing us to offer sales and coupons. For bulk orders, you will email (pubs@energion.com) or call (850-525-3916) us. We will continue to offer quantity and non-profit discounts in that way.

Our Aer.io store serves us in some other ways:

  • It offers an ebook platform, which allows us to earn more per book, and in turn that means more royalties for authors.
  • It offers preview options for all those books for which we have provided ebook files.
  • It provides better social media integration. (Authors: Make sure we have your social media links!)
  • It makes our accounting much easier.
  • It allows us to offer books for sale that we don’t publish, particularly for our authors. Thus our author pages will now include any books by that author that are available through our distributor. If you’re an author, be sure to check your author page and let us know if we missed any. It’s possible our distributor doesn’t carry them, and if so we can’t, but if they’re available, we want to list them.

All of that combines to mean that we have more time, and we’re going to spend that time talking to you and marketing books.

Neufeld Computer Services

Over the last 14 years I’ve regarded my business as two separate operations, Energion Publications and Neufeld Computer Services. More and more, especially with ebooks and with discussion of hosting interactive online services, these two operations have become more and more closely integrated. So I’m just admitting it. This isn’t a change in structure. Both were me, Henry Neufeld, doing business as ___. They are now one company, Energion Publications, which will be involved in collecting, verifying, securing, and publishing information whether it does so in print or electronically. WIthin that structure, the imprint Energion Publications will continue to be a Christian publisher with the same goals as it has presently.


We hope and pray this will allow us to better serve both our authors and our customers.

(Watch here for some news on the expansion of services in our EnerPower Press imprint and a reboot of that site!)

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