Matthea Glass, new author with Energion Publications, brings a new devotional – “Whispers of Rest in the Storm”

A full-color devotional book from this wife of a minister and mother of five children. Matthea has found the importance of time spent in the quiet, growing and building her relationship with Jesus.

In this world we search for peace. We want a tangible peace that we can wrap our arms around or feel deeply without having to believe in something we can’t see …

Think of the night and the moon. Close your eyes and see God’s created time for rest. Every day, He has ordained a time for us to lie down, release the cares of the day, and sleep, unafraid of the night. What if the very darkness we face is an ordained time for us to learn to rest in God? Would knowing that God still has authority over darkness, change how we Trust Him and experience His gift of peace? For me, the moon has become the physical reminder that God has dominion over my darkness.

– from Whispers of Rest in the Storm, Day 25: Rest in the Peace of Christ

Whispers of Rest in the Storm is a devotional guide for women and men, older teens to senior citizens. Full color illustrations are another addition to bring the reader into the place of peace they seek with their Father God.

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