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Link and Notes: Jesus Creed on Christianity Tomorrow

Scot McKnight, a well-known New Testament scholar and author, writes about Christianity and its ties to politics. Here is a sample:

The problem, for far too many, Left and Right, is Locke’s trap or statism. It is not speaking prophetically to claim the mantle of the prophet only when it is a Left-leaner criticizing the GOP, nor is it prophetic if a Right-leaner criticizes the Democrats. That’s falling into Locke’s trap. It is little more than partisan criticism baptized by Christian language.

Christianity Tomorrow on the Jesus Creed blog

I note that Scot McKnight endorsed Energion author Allan Bevere’s book The Politics of Witness with these words:

Anyone who thinks the church isn’t political doesn’t understand that the church is a politic; and anyone who doesn’t think the gospel is political hasn’t come to terms with the fundamental claim that Jesus is Lord. Allan Bevere, an ecclesial theologian, combines in this book a wonderful “church as politics” with gospel in a wise, warm and challenging manner.

Scot McKnight, cover endorsement for The Politics of Witness

While both write before the 2016 election was a factor, Allan Bevere is joined by David Alan Black in challenging what they see as an excessive link of Christianity to the politics of the day. Dave Black’s book on the subject is Christian Archy, also in our Areopagus Critical Christian Issues series.

We also have two authors who write about politics who would look differently at this: Elgin Hushbeck, Jr. from the right (Preserving Democracy) and Robert D. Cornwall from the left (Faith in the Public Square). I present links below that will allow you to preview all four of these books.

Note that Energion Publications as a company does not take political positions, and we limit our religious positions to those in our doctrinal statement. We are here to facilitate dialog and growth through building connections between people of different faith traditions and streams.

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