Book Giveaway: Pandemic Trilogy

It’s possible many are saying that the pandemic is past. Part of it, indeed, is. But during the pandemic and as things started to look up, Energion author Bruce Epperly wrote three books in succession: Faith in a Time of Pandemic, Love in a Time of Crisis and Pandemic, and Hope After Pandemic. These three titles examine how we respond to the type of events that we have experienced over the last couple of years. They have a message that goes beyond their time and is still relevant.

Thus I will randomly select one person to receive a free copy of all three books, with the drawing to come after the close of business on Friday, July 1. You can comment on this post, or on any of the related posts on our various web sites and blogs, or by replying or commenting on various social media sites. You can put your name in once on each site or social media service. Just make sure you’re replying somewhere we will see it, rather than on a personal feed after share.

The three books are available as a package of three as well.

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