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Retired Disciples of Christ pastor with standing also in the UCC. Four books published to date. Seminar leader on LGBTs and the Bible, church growth, stewardship, biblical interpretation, Bible evaluations

Today is National Grandparents Day

In honor of the Day, Dr. Bruce Epperly provides a take on grandparenting that cherishes those sweet moments with the kids, but raises the role up a notch. Bruce encourages us to consider modeling the love of the divine as a way of being with our grandchildren. They understand unconditional love being directed their way, […]

Is there an answer to homelessness in America?

Renee Crosby, author of The Fringe, offers her perspectives on the problem of homelessness, beginning today at the Energion Discussion Network.  Christians cannot bemoan the problem without offering substantial support. She begins the discussion by pointing out that homelessness comes in a variety of forms; not all homeless people are of the same kind. Therefore, […]

How hard is it to interpret the Bible?

Beginning today, Dr. Van Parunak, a highly educated person,  contributes three posts that point out why an advanced degree in biblical studies is not necessary to know the things God reveals to us. He offers a point of view for interpretation called intertextuality that depends on the Bible informing the Bible. See if you agree […]

Chris Surber, author of Rendering Unto Caesar, challenges Christians with his posts this week on the Energion Discussion Network to reexamine our political assumptions. Do we look more to worldly governments for solutions to our problems than to God? (Monday) When is political involvement appropriate and when is it counterproductive? (Tuesday) What robs Christians of […]

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