Author: EDN Editor

Retired Disciples of Christ pastor with standing also in the UCC. Four books published to date. Seminar leader on LGBTs and the Bible, church growth, stewardship, biblical interpretation, Bible evaluations

When interfaith issues hit home

This week and Monday, Bob LaRochelle invites us to consider the joys and challenges confronting two people of different faiths who are married or contemplating marriage. He raises some pertinent questions and then asks us to weigh in. This isn’t theory on his part. Bob’s own marriage is his jumping off point, and he shares […]

A perspective on limited government

Today’s post on the Energion Discussion Network argues for a more limited role for the federal government. Here’s Elgin Hushbeck’s “point to ponder.” Granted no system is perfect, and problems remain, but as we move closer to a true consumer based marketplace, things get correspondingly better. On the other hand, as government is asked to […]

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