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Retired Disciples of Christ pastor with standing also in the UCC. Four books published to date. Seminar leader on LGBTs and the Bible, church growth, stewardship, biblical interpretation, Bible evaluations

What’s Happened to Easter?

We recently asked at the Energion Discussion Network blog, “Is there a war on Christmas?” Today, the same might be asked about Easter. But Bill Tuck suggests that, unlike Christmas, Easter suffers from benign neglect. See if you agree with him.

This week on the Energion Discussion Network

MONDAY: In this political season, we are reminded of how different Christian values are from those of too many politicians. So different, in fact, that this often drives good people out of politics—like Allan Bevere. TUESDAY: “What’s happened to Easter?” Good question. In comparison to Christmas, Easter is hardly noticed. Bill Tuck wants to change […]

Obstacles to Agreeing about the Bible

Over the next three days, I look at the impasse in biblical interpretation and offer some of the reasons for it. It is painfully obvious that Christians continue to have strong disagreements that not only divide communities, but keep us from uniting before the world. Today’s post looks at the problem and the next two […]

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