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Review of The Adventists’ Dilemma

Joel Watts reviews the book The Adventists Dilemma, which is distributed by Energion. His conclusion: Vick’s work is measured well for answering Adventists and pushing the non-Adventist into thinking about proper theology. For those interesting in logic and reason as regards to particular theological discussions, Adventist or not, I would urge you to pick up […]

Beyond Common Ground

Alden Thompson was one of my professors when I was an undergraduate at Walla Walla University (then Walla Walla College). He was and is a challenging teacher and speaker. The book in the video I embed below is from Pacific Press, a Seventh-day Adventist publisher, and it addresses a denominational audience. But I know both […]

Alden Thompson Reflects

I started Energion Publications by buying out nearly 5,000 copies of Who’s Afraid of the Old Testament God? from a previous project.  Alden Thompson was one of my professors in my undergraduate program at Walla Walla College (now university).  Though I have left the Seventh-day Adventist Church and disagree with a number of its doctrines, […]