Annual Christmas Special Letter

This is our one and only annual commercial announcement we send to Jody’s devotional list.

Henry and I would like to take this moment to say a prayer of thanks to all of you who have joined us in taking God’s inspiration and sharing it with so many others. 
Energion Publications is growing both in number of books and the network of people and ministries God has connected through His path and plan. 


As we continue through the Advent season, I am praying that my gifts to family and other loved ones will be something that brings them joy and laughter but also will encourage them to come closer to God.  There are many wonderful authors (scribes of God’s words) out there.  We here at Energion have some of them!  Give these some prayerful consideration and order NOW at www.energionpubs.com.  Go to the website for more details, single book prices, and to place your order.


Jody’s “Growing in My Spiritual Life” Package:  $29.99


  Daily Devotions of Ordinary People – Extraordinary God
Practical daily devotions for your entire year.

  I Want to Pray
Basics of prayer and of listening to God. Also good for small groups with thought questions and exercises for each chapter.

  Directed Paths
Prayer stories to encourage


Henry’s Study Package$34.99


  What’s in a Version?
Introduction to the process of producing Bible versions. Includes charts of modern versions.

  Not Ashamed of the Gospel: Confessions of a Liberal Charismatic
What does it mean to be a Christian and how do we learn about that from the Bible?

  Hebrews: A Participatory Study Guide
Hebrews is one of the charter documents of Christian theology. This study guides leads you through a topical study of the book.


Small Group Study Package$24.99

Starting a small group study in the New Year? Or looking for something new for the group?  Choose 4 out of the following for a whole year of Good News!


   52 Weeks of Ordinary People – Extraordinary God
52 devotions to start the session with your prayer group.

  I Want to Pray
Basic teaching on how to pray. Includes study and discussion questions and prayer exercises for groups.

  Identifying Your Gifts and Service (Small Group Edition)
(ships 12/15/06)

  To the Hebrews: A Participatory Study Guide


  Revelation: A Participatory Study Guide


Christmas Personal Study Package:  $39.99

  This is for those who would like to examine the reliability of scripture and of God’s guidance to the church.


  Who’s Afraid of the Old Testament God?
A fresh look at problems people have in understanding the Old Testament.

  Holy Smoke! Unholy Fire!
How can the church learn to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit and grow spiritually?

  What’s in a Version?
Can I trust the Bible versions that are available today?

  Evidence for the Bible (Consider Christianity, Volume 1)
An examination of the evidence for the reliability of the Bible.


Consider Christianity Study Package$39.99

For the intellectuals on your Christmas list, Energion Publications offers a special package deal on the entire Consider Christianity series.


Consider Christianity, Volume 1: Evidence for the Bible

Consider Christianity, Volume 1 Study Guide


Consider Christianity, Volume 2: Evidence for the Christian Faith

Consider Christianity, Volume 2 Study Guide


God bless you all with His presence as we all serve Him in His New Year.


Jody and Henry Neufeld


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