Year: 2008

Refurbished Prayer Database Site

Our prayer database site,, has undergone a facelift.  The purpose of the site is to present a categorized index of prayers and prayer passages from the Bible.  A few of these prayers will have additional annotations such as translations or adaptations for use in prayer. Praying the scriptures can be valuable, and this index […]

The New

For quite some time I have had a subtitle on the web site:  WebZine of Moderate Christian Religion.  Unfortunately, since I first bought that domain, it has been more or a central place to find things written by Henry Neufeld. I’m in the process of changing that.  The first step is to change the […]

New Theme

I’ve redesigned the theme for this blog.  I had three major purposes in mind: Make it wider and allow it to adjust to the width of the screen. Make it a bit less gray, and also provide more margins Bring elements of the theme up to date with current WordPress. Please let me know (e-mail […]

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