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Understanding Inspiration and Avoiding Manipulation

In my book When People Speak for God, one of the key issues I discuss is how one hears God’s word.  One must test and discern when God is truly speaking.  Claims are easy to make–people do so every day.

  • The proposed course of action violates ethical or moral standards.
  • “God’s words” come to a person in the course of debate.
  • “God’s words” deny established scriptural standards.
  • “God’s words” are presented in a divisive way, or introduce an element of divisiveness.
  • The person who presents God’s word reacts angrily to having that word tested by others.

I list these and expand on them in the chapter of my book, Practical Considerations of Hearing.  It is not enough for someone to think they have heard from God; what is said needs to be in accordance with good ethical principles and be verified.

A study of inspiration–how God speaks and reveals himself to people–can help you resist false claims and avoid manipulation.

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