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Preserving Democracy Availability and Shipping Schedules

Today is the official release date for our latest book-Preserving Democracy, by Elgin Hushbeck, Jr.  Official release date has an interesting definition around here, in that it is a bit more like a cloud than a specific point.  As a rule, we hold all prepublication offers open until all editions are being shipped to all customers.

Here are the details on Preserving Democracy:

Already available:

Kindle Edition, available via Amazon.com.

Adobe eBook edition, currently available via one eBook retailer, BooksonBoard.com.  Others should be carrying this soon.

Approximate Expected shipping/availability dates:

Note: All these dates are approximate.

Online retailers: Starting April 17, 2009.  We will post notes when the book first appears “in stock” on major online retailer sites.  (Update 4/16/09: Expect 4/20/09 as the start date.)

Direct shipments to dealers and quantity orders:  April 20, 2009.  If we already received your order, or receive it today, we will attempt to get it shipped to you by Friday, but we do not guarantee that; do not count on it.

Direct orders for single copies: Starting April 22, 2009.

Orders for autographed copies under our special offer:  See PreservingDemocracy.com.  There is no change in the schedule for those orders.

Dealers: Energion Publications offers generous pricing to dealers with 55% discount on all orders and no minimum quantity.  You must either have the books shipped to a verifiable address or have an established dealer account with us.  Dealers without an established account may prepay orders.  We will invoice via PayPal if desired.

All orders of $100 or more qualify for free shipping using Media Mail.  We provide faster shipping at cost, i.e., no handling charge.

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